Identité visuelle

Hello Cléo! I have an exciting project I'd love for you to work on with me.
Cléo: Hello Gabriela! I'm all ears. What's the project about? 🤗
G: It's for my design agency, Bokchoy🥬 We're looking to create a fresh visual identity that's daring, sleek, and captivating. I've seen your work, and I think you're the perfect fit for this.
C: Thanks🤩! That sounds intriguing ! What's the vision behind this new identity?
G: We want something that stands out, something bold that embodies our culture. It's about inspiring and empowering through design. Think audacious yet professional.
C: I love the sound of that! Do you have any specific ideas in mind for this identity?
G: We're looking at a black and white street-inspired 🛹 universe with striking illustrations, something that celebrates diversity and modern typography.
C: Got it! I'm excited to dive into this project. Let’s do it 🚀

Savoir-faire : Identité visuelle, logotype, réseaux sociaux, illustration
Poste : Directrice artistique